Nagy Róbert
Dipl. sportmasseur


Relaxing training:

Many people suffer psychosomatic and vegetative disturbances such as fears, tension, internal disquiet, heart disorders, stomach- and headaches. all these are triggered by permanent pressure, conflicts in everyday life and in jobs.
A cure just can be successful if the reasons for the illnesses are discovered and removed. Therefore, the unified view of the human body is indispensable with special regard to the body-soul harmony. The automatic nervous system under pressure and troubled by environs influences can return to normal by this way of cure. The conservative self-relaxation enables the patient to get into a benevolent, sleepily, calm state of mind.

About my massage:

Using a combination blend of the finest quality essential oils in an enriching base oil and a deep but gentle body massage incorporating both eastern and western techniques.

Aromatherapy, Swedish and Remedial massage treatments assists with relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction and lymphatic flow, promoting a balanced state of well being.




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